In ZOVII, we create consistency. The consistency in the quality of our product, the consistency in the assurance we deliver and the consistency in the security-guarantee we make. Over time, this consistency evolve in the user. It becomes what is known as confidence. Welcome to ZOVII, where security meets confidence.

ZOVII understands the importance of a sense of security. Therefore we have been very diligent in research and development. Our goal is to provide people the most innovative and intelligent security products. This is ZOVII.

Why Classe SRA matters:
The French standard; brutality of attack, insurance requirement.

In France, locks that do not carry the Classe SRA logo are not considered to be an effective theft deterrent. In fact, you cannot insure in France against theft without a Classe SRA-rated anti-theft device.

Why ART matters:
The Dutch standard; Stringent attack and production-control tests.

ART testing involves a combination of human power and machines. Testers again demand to study all documentation and technical drawings for weak points before the tests. Strict requirements on number of key combinations, that they can be re-cut, etc.